Full size 20 foot shipping container units for self storage purposes.

20 foot shipping container inside
happy family moving into their new home

These are our most popular unit - as it accommodates a typical family size three bedroom house worth of contents. Of course, they are also suited to all manner of uses including commercial and trade.


We ensure your contents are stored as fresh as the day they went into storage in these perfect 20 foot ISO shipping container units all year round. A very popular size to opt for as they hold full house contents - up to around a typical three bedroom, which make them great for house removal purposes.

These are one trip container units capable of holding 30 tonne. They have wooden floors, plywood, or gloss varnished finishes, and can hold a three bedroom house of contents. The structure of the unit is actually designed for harsh conditions across countries, but in self storage environments, have a very easy life.

interior of 20 foot shipping container showing roof
one trip shipping container empty with immaculate floor
a row of shipping containers for self storage



These container units are kept in best order and have a cubic capacity of 33.2 cu meters, or around 1173 cu feet of contents.


The dimensions are roughly 20 foot long, 8 foot across and 8.5 foot high. They weigh around 2 tonnes. They can hold up to an average three bedroom semi detached house worth of contents.


Happy storing with Storage Carlisle!

a 20 foot shipping container on a crane in the air
boxes inside a storage unit
interior of a storage container unit

Units kept in fresh, clean condition and easy to operate.

These storage container units are easy to operate, with heavy duty handles. They have two front opening doors. The units have trickle vents and rubber seals which keep contents sealed from the elements.

handles on a shipping container
a shipping container with door open showing boxes and furniture
a fridge stored inside a shipping container
immaculate interior of a 20 foot shipping container
a shipping container packed full of boxes and goods
empty shipping container brand new

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