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Storage Carlisle ®  |  Useful house movers checklist

Let us help you. We've compiled our useful 52 point Step by Step checklist for you, useful if you are Moving Home, courtesy of Storage Carlisle ® | Also, at the bottom of this page are loads of handy connections for van hire, finding removal companies, council tax information and post office redirection services.

Need furniture and house removals? If you're moving your contents in its entirety, either from your home or apartment, or, as a result of selling your home, it becomes so much easier when you have a well thought out plan in place. Let us help you do that with our handy check list. 

The advice at Storage Carlisle ® is to take advantage of this checklist in order to make the process pain-free. You may first of all want to take a look at our handy tips section first though, by clicking on the link. 

We created this handy 52 point, "8 week checklist" to begin eight weeks before you move out, because you really shouldn't underestimate the work and preperation that needs to be done prior to a complete house move in order for a stress free one. There is no reason to end up being stressed and alarmed like a cat on a hot tin roof if you don't prepare properly.

Now that you've probably taken a look at our handy tips page for self storage , and with that in mind, there's still no harm in asking for removal advice from friends and family in addition to the advice from the removals company (if you're using one) and also in order to obtain best prices and compare removal costs with others. 

Here goes ...

Time to move : Eight weeks prior to.

1) Conduct research on what you need to know before you work with a company that will help you move all of your belongings. Work out just how much is going to be physically moved into storage.

2) Find out how you can protect your valuable items while in transportation with regards insurance if you need this. This is only a recommendation and most removals have this as standard.

3) Look and decide on a removal firm - When finding a removal company (there's many out there in Carlisle ... check out VAN & MAN REMOVALS in our handy links section at the top of the page) and look for their reviews. Remember, cheapest price isn't necessarily the best - you should be confident your removals firm can deliver on time.

4) Contact each removal company you're considering using and ask them about their rates and availability for the specific moving day you have in mind.

5) At this stage you will now have decided if you are using a removal firm, or are renting a van yourself; that is, going "DIY".  

6) If you have children in school, look for a new school and transfer their records in anticipation of not being at your previous address. 

7) Buy a small notebook, or use your smartphone to help you keep track of all your to-do lists, paperwork, and keeping track of important phone numbers.

6 weeks prior to move 

8) Create an Inventory of all your items in your home as this will help you know what you have once it's stored with us.

9) Get all of your paperwork regarding anything to do with your move in one folder - this is being organised.  In your moving notebook, write down all the steps you need to change your address, and put aside a few minutes every day to make some phone calls rather than all at once.

10) Change the address where any online orders will be shipped to.  

11) Start cleaning your furniture - cabinets and your cupboards included, and arrange all of your items into three piles: i) Broken items for disposal, ii) items that can be donated, and iii) those items that are in a good shape and will be moved.

12) Put items that you use only during certain seasons in different boxes and label them.

5 weeks prior to move

13) Start De-cluttering your home - you could get rid of items you don't need anymore, and this will take pressure off you.

14) Don't carry on buying too much food or household items - you will have enough items to concern yourself with the move.  Don’t buy too much food from supermarkets that will stay in the refrigerator, as you don't want to be transporting these types of product - you want to keep this to the minimum. Make sure you cook all your frozen food before you go.

15)  If you're not going down a removal van route,  you may want to hire a van or find a man and a van rental service, if that’s the case, book it now - make sure to get van insurance or a breakdown cover. You can try Enterprise or Avis for van hire here on these links. You may also want to get content insurance if transferring your own stuff, and health insurance just in case you have an accident.

16) Start cleaning sheds and outbuildings and set up a day for cleaning the whole house as well.

17) Check with your home insurance cover, telephone, broadband, sky, TV licence, water, gas, and electricity companies about the steps you need to take when you change your address. You'll also need to tell the council tax department. Carlisle council phone number is 01228 817000

18) Check if all of your furniture and goods will fit well in your new house at this stage. If not, certain items can be put in our storage to be sold without a rushed disposal. That way you stand a better chance in obtaining maximum price for any items you want rid of. 

19 You may want to consider getting help by asking friends and family - remind them if you've previously done this! Planning ahead is well advised.

20) Contact your doctor if you suffer from a condition that needs constant medication especially if you're lifting heavy items of furniture.

21) Make sure you have enough boxes, bags tape, special boxes for fragile items, etc.

22) Label each box by room and contents.

23) Cancel any subscriptions to magazines and newspapers, as well as any local services you may be using.

4 weeks prior to move

24) Make sure you've booked your storage unit with us, if you can, at this stage! 

25) Change your address officially before the move. You may also want to inform the post office incase you want letters redirected. The post office offers a fantastic redirection service on here.

26) Speak with your employer about your move and respectfully ask for at least two days off if you think  you can get this.

27) Double check and make sure you have a moving/travel insurance in place for everything in case something breaks or gets lost during the move if you're not using a removals firm. Your home insurance may not cover the move.

28) Take photos of your furniture and belongings that can potentially end up scratched during the move. In case your items get damaged, the photos will serve as proof.

29) Email your friends the new address you’re moving to.

30) Buy a map of the new place you have in mind that you're buying / renting, or download the map on your smartphone and make a note of all the important stores, hospitals, etc.

Week 3 prior to move 

31) Get stuck into packing boxes And start taking packing seriously at this stage.

32) Contact a trusted babysitter if you have children. You’ll need that extra hand during the move.

33) Clean and defrost your freezers before the move. Drain water and close stop taps usually located behind kitchen cupboards. 

34) Return borrowed books to your local library -  this eliminates a pressure from your mind.

2 weeks prior to move 

35) Check if you have paid all of your bills and if you can, such as magazine subscriptions, ensure you have given them the new address. 

36) Don't forget to pay the window cleaner! 

37) Hold a small goodbye party if you have too much frozen food left in your freezer. Don't let it go to waste if possible and Get rid of all of the items that can’t be taken with you (e.g., flammable chemicals can't be stored in our units).

38) Save everything on your laptop or computer on the cloud.

39) Look through your boxes and find out whether you have belongings that you could donate, sell, or throw away to reduce the load.

40) Call the removals company for any last-minute changes and re-confirm with them the moving date.

41) Schedule a cleaning day with your friends or family. If you don’t have time, hire a cleaning company to leave the house sparkling. Taking a look through yell's local cleaners in Carlisle will provide you with a list. 

1 week prior to move 

42) Furniture should be dismantled and boxes packed and labelled. 

43) Take meter readings. Make sure you've notified all the utility companies.   

45) Pack some comfortable clothes for moving

46) Put all of your documents in a folder. If you have a wallet or box where you can protect your documents, use that instead.

47) Give away all your plants if you can’t bring them with you. Keep in mind that most moving companies don’t accept plants since they are very fragile and can be easily damaged, but check that with them.

48) Why not allow your children to have a small goodbye party with their friends, and share your phone number and new address with them?

The Day You Move - 

49) Go through Your Moving House Checklist! Just to ensure you haven't missed anything.

50) Look around the house and make sure everything is clean.

51) Check boxes and folders with important documents, and give the moving company a call to confirm.

52) The removals firm can now deliver onto our site and you can check off and make sure all items are safe and sound while being offloaded if you wish at our site.

Happy house moving & happy storing at Storage Carlisle!