Container Self Storage in Carlisle, Cumbria,
UK, England. Tel 07739 103165

Est. 1996. 24hr/7 day a week access self storage, City Centre.

Fully insure your contents with our insurance policy service

Protect your contents with Storage Carlisle

We understand that your contents are extremely important to you and need to be safely and securely stored. Whether it be family possessions of little or significant value, we will always make sure your items are safe and secure while in our care. That's why we provide insurance.

We don't INSIST you take out insurance, but recommend you take it out for peace of mind. Unlike some competitors who insist you take out insurance, we don't. 

We provide continuous cover for your belongings for a fixed period, and the policy is valid from the moment you store your items, until no longer required.

Please speak to a member of staff at time of booking, who will guide you through the whole process.

Happy storing!