Container Self Storage in Carlisle, Cumbria,
UK, England. Tel 07739 103165

Est. 1996. 24hr/7 day a week access self storage, City Centre.


You can book a storage unit in advance. We can take a major credit and debit cards over the telephone, which is the easiest way. 

To book a unit, just simply click above.

Our telephone number is: 

01228 590397

We will do the rest ...

 OR on our mobile if you prefer 07739 103165, or email

If you're emailing us, please leave your phone number, we need to speak to you in person to get an understanding of your requirements.

We simply need the start date, anticipated time you need your storage for (or indefinate storage), with your name - We can then provide a more detailed quote, and if you're happy, we can book the storage in your name there and then.

Simple as that.

Storage Carlisle are situated in Carlisle City centre and have storage sites in varying locations across the town.

We have been in business since the 1990's.

For those relocating to Carlisle, reserving a storage unit is strongly advised as demand can vary, especially during the summer months when the housing market is at its busiest.

Although possible to book a storage unit at the last minute, we would advise booking at least a couple of weeks in advance to avoid disappointment.

We can provide helpful advice for those looking for removal companies, as well as van and man type businesses.