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Lets face it, all of us need extra storage space from time to time. For the majority of us, this could come as the garage, perhaps a spare room or cupboard in the house, or the loft. However, usually all those areas are often found crammed full of all sorts, be it clothing, sentimental items, family hand me downs or items that are, lets face it, just to valuable to give or throw away.

Storage Carlisle provides a low cost effective solution to the problem. You see, Storage Carlisle provides a significant facility in the centre of Carlisle, and also other more discreet locations around the town. This facility is a comprehensive solution to most peoples storage issues providing a one stop shop. We provide units of varying sizes also to enable the most cost effective solutions.

There really is no need to cram everything in that cupboard or garage when we provide affordable, versatile and highly flexible and convienient storage solutions where you can securely store your items with complete peace of mind. Check out our photograph section for slightly more indepth visuals.

Our facilities of course, are covered by modern live monitored CCTV, floodlighting, and automatic gated barrier access on selective sites which adds to the storage experience. Whatsmore, by providing a 24hr hour access to our facilities, you can come and go as often as you want.

What is self storage generally used for these days?

More and more people are storing their items instead of simply throwing them away or letting them rot as we have discussed in the previous paragraph. So lets take a quick look at some of the uses for our self storage facility:

The House Move

Moving house can be a stressful experience. Solicitors, estate agents and general stress and worry. Don't even think about all that packing of boxes, carrying and unpacking. You may even find that you can't move your stuff out in one single go, or you may find that contractors are finishing parts of your home while still under construction. In this instance, our self storage facility can enable you to keep your house hold appiances, fridges, cooker, furniture and other associated items in one safe secure location on our site, just ready for you to collect. If its an entire house move, you may want to take a look at our 52 point house moving check list prior to storing with us.

The Downsize

Many people these days are downsizing in the United Kingdom. Many individuals move from larger homes or apartments into smaller ones, and lets face it, if you're from the South East of the country, moving to Cumbria represents amazing value for money when you consider the cost of living and cost of property here, so downsizing is a popular thing. 

However, it can be impracticle to bring all your furniture and appliances /  white goods into your new home, wouldn'nt it? So keeping them in a storage unit is a practicle solution and you can be assured, kept in a safe way until you need use of them once more.

Redecoration works

When redecoration works are carried out on a home, or any type of construction work, can't it be a pain just storing everything under a sheet crammed into one room! How can you even get to anything? With Storage Carlisle, just hire a storage unit from us and keep all such items safe while the works commence. You'll find you will eliminate stress also possibly!

Business and trade storage

Storage Carlisle not only provides domestic storage which we've looked at above, but business and trade storage. Many homes these days simply don't have the storage space and trying to run a business from your living room, if say, you're a plasterer or plumber isn't a good idea in our experience. A tax deductible storage unit can work wonders for not only time, but stress by having a dedicated storage area for your commercial needs. 

You could even use your unit as a distribution centre, a store such as for use on ebay, or storage for excess business equipment that would take up too much space in your existing premises. Whats more, rates are generally included in the storage we have on offer, so there really isn't any need to worry about additional expenses.

What can be stored ?

So long as it's legal, pretty much anything. Clothes can be stored, but our advice is to store them in a plastic bag or box prior to storing them. Furniture can also be stored, and we have furniture grade container units for this purpose. Did you know that shipping containers are not all the same and you must ask if a unit is suitable for this purpose. However, at Storage Carlisle we will advise on such matters and ensure furniture is kept within a furniture grade unit, while a builder requiring storage, will be placed into a builders grade unit.

Books again can be stored, Food stuffs also so long as its sealed in tins. Paints also. 

What can't be stored ?

Obviously, anything illegal can't be stored on our sites! Rubbish, weapons, Flammable goods, Pets, Plants, You, Quad bikes or anything of that nature is not allowed.

Safety and security

Generally speaking, we have two types of storage : Indoor and Outdoor. Outdoor shipping container storage is popular and our units are of the highest quality. These are highly practical solution as it allows you to drive your vehicle right up to your unit doors without having to climb flights of stairs which is downright impractical in our view.

Our shipping container units have secure locking mechanisms and you will have great peace of mind knowing that its your lock, your key with regards to your unit.

We've covered many of the popular uses for storage and Storage Carlisle are providers of fantastic and affordable storage right in the heart of Carlisle City Centre.

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