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ⓘ What size storage unit do I need?

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On this page, you'll find container size tables, fun and interesting facts about shipping containers and we show you how storage units are delivered on to our facility in Carlisle.

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Not sure how much space you need to store your items? The following tables gives a rough indication of approximate space you need to store your items in our self storage shipping containers. We compare this along side familiar household room dimensions.


We hold a vast variety of different sizes of container units. This makes us quite unique as a storage company. Our smallest 8 and 10 foot units can hold small flats or a one bedroom home. For bigger contents, it is possible to store the contents of an average two or three bedroom house with ease in our 20 foot ISO containers.


The next size up is our jumbo Hi Cube units, which can hold an average four bedroom house with ease.


Remember - A 20 foot ISO container will house an average 2 - 3 bedroom house if the contents are correctly well packed into the container. Most removal companies are familiar with this size and should pack your house contents correctly using all the space in an efficient manner.

Lets read on to explore the popular sizes of units available.

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ⓘ Popular sizes of storage units available

10 Foot ISO storage units can accommodate around a one bedroom house worth of contents easily.

20 foot ISO shipping container

20 Foot ISO storage units can accommodate around a three bedroom house worth of contents easily.

Hicube Shipping container

20 Foot ISO Hi Cube (Jumbo) Units can store around a four bedroom house worth of contents easily.

ⓘVideo to help with unit sizes

Are unit sizes still a mystery? This short video we posted to our You Tube channel shows 20, 10 and 8 foot unit sizes on site. Its quick at around three minutes. Contains sound.

Clicking on the tables below will enlarge.

shipping container sizes table
sizes of shipping containers
a car about to unload on a storage facility

ⓘ Fun & interesting facts about shipping containers

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Now for a little bit of  educational facts and figures. The shipping industry is quite a significant part of the economy, and we take a quick look in brief:


1. Did you know that there are currently over 15 million shipping containers or boxes actually in circulation around the planet ? The number of shipping containers used at any one time are more than five million.


2. The very first shipping container which was constructed from metal was invented by Malcolm McLean in 1956. He created it to replace the old fashioned time consuming style of break-bulk container handling.


3. Nearly approximately 700 containers are declared lost on the seas every year!!


4. Over 95% of all shipping containers are manufactured in China. This is due to a number of varying factors. Briefly,wages are lower and secondly, a substantial amount of the worlds products are produced in China.


5. The liner shipping industry has reportedly spent in excess of US$235 billion in more than a dozen countries on the purchase of new vessels that can carry increasingly astonishing amounts of containers.


6. Shipping containers are VERY strong, mainly constructed from high grade steel, and a 20 foot container can hold around 30,000 Kg. The special steel is said to slow down rusting of the steel. They can also be stacked several units high.


7. If shipping containers are well maintained, they can last around 20+ years.


8. Did you know 95% of the world’s cargo is transported by ship. It still makes economic sense to transport goods in high volume ships than other ways.


9. The Port of Shanghai is reportedly the busiest port in the world which handles in excess of more than 30 million containers in 2013.


10. Storing you goods in one from Storage Carlisle® costs from £2.00 a day !! Call them today on 07739 103165.

ⓘ Ever wondered how a shipping container is sited on our facility? Now you do!

shipping container being sited
ariel view of storage facility
shipping container delivered by HIAB

Shipping containers are large heavy and substantial items weighing anywhere from one tonne for the very smallest, to around two and a half tonnes for our twenty foot long units. Containers are delivered and sited by Hiab (above picture) which is a lorry complete with in built craine. Siting them is difficult, as the units need to be level to function and open correctly. Here's a glimpse of units being delivered on site. It can take around an hour of time to site a container unit correctly.

shipping container in the air on a craine
small shipping container delivered by craine
shipping container in mid air being positioned onto a storage facility
craine with a shipping container on chains
hiab on a storage depot
hiab lorry delivered container unit
a huge lorry collecting a shipping container

This video below shows more on site activity showing how a small container unit is positioned.

Shipping containers and property purchased - any condition, collected. Did you know, we BUY & SELL shipping containers?

close up of a shipping container
  • Storage Carlisle® can purchase units from you. Do you have one for sale?  Perhaps its too old, perhaps just surplus? We offer a pick up and collection service around Carlisle and surrounding areas.
  • Do you know anyone with a shipping container for sale?
  • Finders fee given if you know someone with one for sale with one for sale!
  • Call us on 07739 103165


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